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  President Signs Bill on Fentanyl  CSPAN  January 13, 2018 1:30pm-1:52pm EST

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heardlier this week, we more about opioids action, as president trump signed a bill into law that aims to stop the flow of the synthetic opioid fentanyl into the u.s.
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the law is known as the interdict act, and he was joined theeveral lawmakers for bill signing. this is 15 minutes. thank you.rump: this is all important to us to all of us gathered here. i am pleased to be joined by many of the members of congress as we take an important step to drugshe flow of deadly that are flowing into our country like never before. place 2, 3, 4 years ago, a level that people haven't seen in a few years. in a few moments, i will sign the interdict act, directing the department of homeland security to detect and intercept the allow -- the supply of illicit fentanyl, as our new big scourge, is disgraceful with happening, coming from different countries, including, frankly, china, among others.
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it's pouring in a record numbers. in 2016 come in 2016, and 20,000 americans died as a result of using synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl. each death is a tragedy, leaving behind devastated parents, spouses, and orphans all over country. it's reaching a -- every corner of our great nation, and it shouldn't be. rural areas like hancock county ohio, we have sen. portman: understands it very well. ist's going on in ohio incredible. and frankly, just about every in illinois, they've seen record numbers of overdoses , record numbers of deaths due to drugs and the supply of these come from places outside the united states, mexico, china, other countries. drugs are entering our country across employees and even to our
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own postal system. this will allow our customers and customs, we want is customs and border protection. we have to have customs and border protection, which is desperately needed and we have the resources to attack that interdict these dangerous drugs. reasons, areot of far more dangerous than they've ever been. even the dogs can track them down. if they tracked them, they die. the dogs die is from the sent. the scent.m it will increase the number of chemicals grading devices and experts to interpret the data that is collected. my administration is committed to do everything we can to comment this deadly scourge of drug addiction and overdose. significantents a step forward.
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great congressmen and women and senators and they will start with rob and will go around a anybody anything. >> we appreciate your support of pushing back the deadly poison that's pushing in to our communities from the mail system, primarily from china. as the number one killer now in terms of overdoses in and over the past several years, it increased everything will year. we appreciate your willingness to step forward and take a lead on fighting back against this poison that's coming into our states. president trump: it's getting worse and worse every year. you look at the chart of the statistics, every year, the country fights hard, just since i've been here, it's been fighting hard and i think it's
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getting worse. what is your recommendation, senator? quacks this is going to go long way. these devices are able to detect fentanyl as they are coming through and packaging. , it's anhusetts epidemic. in 2016, 2000 people died from opioid overdoses. 1700 of them had fentanyl in their systems. this is the epidemic. it's gone from prescription drugs to heroin and it's now a fentanyl epidemic in the country and the legislation you are signing will give the tools the to be able tot identify it before it gets into the hands of families in our countries. president trump: hopefully will help a lot. collects thank you for your leadership on this issue. it is very lethal, it's poisoning our children in this country, killing so many people.
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border empowering protection to capture this before it gets in the hands of the long -- the wrong people. a lot of these precursors coming from china are going to mexico as well, which is why border security aspects are so imperative. president trump: kitty percentage comes from china. what percentage would you say? collect from china.% comes president trump: we will see what happens. >> you are tough on borders and when we think about the illegal immigration, it's part of it. that's why people elected you, the new you are going to take this drug scourge seriously, taking a lot of american lives. i applaud you for signing it.
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collects 11 people a day in the state of ohio died from opioid overdose. this is an important bill in the next step is to actually provide dollars to communities so we can scale up treatment that we woefully underfunded education prevention and treatment programs. the waiting lists are too long. that's the importance of medicaid and the importance of your affordable care act and in the importance of funding local communities so they can do what they need to do to deal with the terrible addiction that so many families face. you for mr. thank president. i want to thank everybody here, i think of it as a human side, the families that are impacted and the young lives that are lost in the brothers and sisters that won't have a brother and sister to grow up with. we need a spectrum of solutions. of fentanyl isow
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absolute critical, but other things are critical as well. i think we worked well together across the senate and house. this is job one for us. to make sure that we don't lose another generation. thank you. collects we have to keep the fentanyl out, but we have to build rural communities up. we have to restore economic vitality and rural america. we all agreemp: with that. >> i want to thank all the men and women here come it's a classic example of bipartisan success, because it is of the you agree on. we have more of these kind of accomplishments and we second wet chairman recalls that, are working on a great bill and they are shipped in from new mexico -- from mexico, and we have to secure borders.
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we have area of agreement and border security and fixing the border. president trump: your state has made some progress. tough progress. i've seen enough -- >> i've said enough people for prison dealing drugs like this, and anyway, it's really great to be part of getting a bill done that stops it from getting to that point. bestombine that with the neighbors, the best thing we can do for our friends in mexico is stop there being used as basically a trampoline for drugs coming in here. the $70 billion, $80 billion that used for corruption , they out to be one of the top 10 economies in the world. the best thing we can do is build a wall where we can use it
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in and secure the border. helped without the drugs, mexico is held without the drug cartel money. president trump: as you know, we're going to build the wall. [laughter] we really have no choice. >> mr. president, i appreciate you celebrate this bipartisan moment as a testament as what can happen to the benefit of the american people when we come together on this courage to just the opioid addiction. i encourage you to focus your efforts on further funding and thinking about opioids and marijuana, we can talk about another time. president trump: that's ok. >> of a health care practitioner and fentanyl is basically an operating room drug. that thereing to me would be to this extent. i want to thank you for your support want to thank the people who sponsored this bill. i was very proud to vote for it.
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helping to make our border secure. this is just one symptom of view of the open border problem that we've had. there's a reason you were sitting behind this as right now. president trump: i'm very proud to say we are way down the people coming across the border. fewer people trying to come across because they know it's not going to happen, but we do know that we need the wall and more border security. we are way down and where also stopping other forms of entry, such as airplanes and coming in three different ways. even the ports, coming in through cruisers and cruise lines and people coming in ways that we've never even heard of before. a lot of bad people, a lot of drugs. we are stopping it. but we are increasing the numbers, you see it. involve a really big part of it and we are increasing the numbers in terms of getting it stopped and getting it stopped ideally permanently. see people assembled
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here out of work together in a bipartisan way to get things done, this is a place where we can all agree that we have to do more and where we can work together. i applaud everyone's efforts. >> we thought it might be a next step, we're working on it. alexi much of the full-service, our own u.s. postal service is the, -- is the conduit for this hassle. don't go through fedex. president trump: right through the good old post office that delivers internet packages all over the place. and they lose a lot of money and you should make sure while we're at it, make sure the internet, the you will start having to pay sales tax. story on failure was happening to retailers all over the country that are being put out of business. leadershipu for your and all the members that worked in a bipartisan way to keep lethal drugs out of our communities.
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kentucky suffers from the third-highest drug overdose mortality in the country. fentanyl and opioids are a big part of that. one of the tragedies that we hear, not just from these families, but also, from employers who don't have the labor supply. -- these cuts employers need sober workers who control on time and pass a drug drugs out of the these communities is important for the productivity of our economy. president trump: very good. what's wrong with you? >> i was waiting for the last word. it comes down to this. everyone works here from bipartisan peaceful legislation, they will definitely save lives. i wanted to compliment you for having a bill signing ceremony with the press here to broadcast this across the country. the very fact that we are speaking to america saves lives starting from this moment.
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lives saved in the press conference in the bill signing ceremony as well as the bill itself. president trump: if it's one life, it will help. >> it's great to be here with you and a vice president. ,n behalf of law enforcement fentanyl is impacting them on a daily basis. they are the ones in our first responders the firefighters come emt come and police who are being impacted when they come upon offenders and people with fentanyl and they, too, are suffering from overdoses. have an impact on cbp officers and also on street officers and this is such an important step forward to keep those drugs out of the hands of families, but also, law enforcement who really are taking their lives in their hands by saving our lives. thank you so much. president trump: we just had the age of aquarius, everyone
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thought that was a big drug age. that was nothing compared to this. vice president. vice president pence: last year you declared a public health emergency regarding opiate abuse and addiction. is not a state of the union that hasn't had families torn apart on this. i want to take the opportunity to come in and think these members of congress for acting swiftly in a bipartisan way to provide new resources to restrict the flow of unsolicited country. tonow how anxious you are continue to work with members of congress to stem the flow of drugs into our country and deal with this crisis opiate abuse. i fear we reached the point where everything has been said, but nothing about everyone. president trump: we are going to sign this, i feel like a very giant step, but it's not going to be a giant step, because matter what you do, this is
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something that keeps pouring in. we will find the answer. there is an answer. i think i actually know the answer. but i'm not sure the country is ready for it yet. does anybody know what i mean? i think so. ok, folks. pen? getting this i'm going to give it to a democrat. it shows were bipartisan. that's bipartisan right there. and our republicans told me to give it to a democrat. [applause]
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president trump: thank you, everybody. thank you. >> tonight, remarks from housing and urban development secretary ben carson on disparities currently facing african-american communities in the u.s. he spoke at a symposium hosted by the manhattan institute and follow panel discussions with educators and journalists who studied in reported on education and discrimination issues concerning african-americans. see those comments tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news of policy issues that impact you. sunday morning, a political report editor charlie cook talks about the early elegant raise ratings for the 2018 midterm elections and georgetown university assistant professor discusses a recent piece in
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newsweek, arguing the president trump should consider limited strike against north korea. in the world resources institute president and ceo andrew steer, environmental and international development stories to watch in 2018. sure to watch c-span's "washington journal," in the morning. sunday on "newsmakers," our guest is house minority whip steny hoyer. spoke with several issues including president trump's recent tweets on the fights of surveillance. here's part of what he had to say. just talking about the unorthodox presidency, we saw talking about that might have been the best of the president. been theat might have worst of the president pretty
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tweeted out criticism of the bill, the intelligence reauthorization bill. came out against the bill. his administration had endorsed not 24 hours earlier. what was your reaction to that and what does that say about the grasp of thehis policies he's promoting? >> this is the dangerous aspect of this presidency. reliable inused, many respects leadership, which much onits views pretty a dime from time to time. in this case, the president with the administration sent down a statement of administrative policy, supporting the intel recommended bill to revise section 702 of the foreign intelligence act.
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sometime this morning, the president sent down a tweet or send a tweet out, which appeared to contradict that statement of the ministers of policy and oppose the legislation that was under consideration. later, the president we would be foolish not to support this bill. be smart, pass this bill. it's a very troubling aspect of this presidency, because i only do we rely on in this country, and our allies around the world rely on some degree of stability -- i say some degree. stability, period, in the administration of the stability of knowing where the administration is, what policies they are pursuing, and what whene they are giving you you have that changing from our tower, it's not good for our
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country, it's not good for our allies, it's not good for international stability. >> that was just part of what house minority whip steny hoyer had to say earlier today on "newsmakers." he is interviewed by mike to bonus of the washington post in an attitude of bloomberg news. "newsmakers," at 10:00 and 6:00 eastern on c-span. next, virginia governor terry mcauliffe delivers his final state of the commonwealth address. ,e spoke about voting rights gun background checks, and medicaid expansion. isernor-elect ralph nor from being sworn into office today. held in richmond, this is 50 minutes.